Whiz Kid

Day one of school went alright. Wasn’t the best of times, wasn’t the worst of times either. I showed up to CC this morning at 7:30. Almost was late because I didn’t want to get up so dang early, so I woke up rushing around to find my whole uniform. I couldn’t find half of the uniform. Missing shoe here, misplaced hat there. On the freeway, there was a line backed up to the previous offramp to get off at the exit I wanted to get off at. And finally to top off the great morning, I forgot my damn chef coat at home and had to have my mom bring it in the nick of time for me to run into class. A class may I add that I wasn’t even enrolled in, and I don’t know if I’ll be in it until Thursday. Then I went to nanny, that was chill only worked for an hour, but got paid for two because I’m that awesome. Then I had my last class of the day, a 4 hour class. Shoot me now. It’s an intro to computer applications. Half the class today was about logging in and out of our “Moodle” account. Good thing I have a friend with me in that class or I probably would die of the stupidness around me. The first person I was sitting next to for the first 30 minutes of class she was sitting there ripping all her old receipts. I swear that doesn’t sound bad, but I wanted to turn and punch that woman. That constant “RIP” “RIP” “RIP” and then this woman sits there and pulls out two big old pads and puts them on the table, and leaves it there at the corner of her area. Woman I don’t want to see your rag products. People have no shame nowadays I guess. Well day two starts in 9 hours…..

~ by Lauraige on 08/23/2010.

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