Die Another Day

Day two of school: not quite as fun as day one. I tried crashing a class today, no bueno. Won’t lie, I slightly had a pity party for myself. Problem is though, I was hoping to get in, but the instructor said to come back tomorrow at 12 for the next class. You ask what’s the problem, well I’m supposed to work at 12. That’s the problem. I NEED this class too, if I don’t get in I won’t be able to take the classes I need next semester. I also had my sanitation class tonight. That was fun, I’m on the look out though for any gross things people do to food. It has been one frustrating day. One thing after another. Getting on the freeway from school, some jerk cuts me off. Totally had to slam on my breaks to avoid hitting this D-bag. What am I to do, honk at him. He thinks it’s so damn hilarious, and he gives me that cool little finger. Yea, I know I’m really trying to work on this, but I blow up. (I’ve already have had a bad day, last thing I need is some punk ass giving me the finger, when he was the one who F-ed up.) I cool off a little after I floor it and ride his butt a little, but he wants to keep going and keep taunting. He’s swerving all around me just being an ass. I start playing the jackhole roll and start driving along right next to him, waving at him, blowing kisses, and maybe the slight flash. Hey if I can get this guy back, might as well kill him with kindness right??? Anyways another thing I hate, is annoying co-workers who won’t stop texting you. Add that to my pet peeves list. The wrap-up: Today wasn’t the best day at all, but good thing tomorrow is another day!!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 08/24/2010.

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