Resident Cougar

So today was my birthday, I’m now doing my last run as a teenager. I’ve made it one whole year in the adult life too. Haven’t been arrested, nothing bad. Anyways, I had an amazing birthday. I really couldn’t of asked for a better time. I was around the people I wanted to be around, and I couldn’t of been happier. Honestly one of my best birthdays ever.

I will have to admit, it didn’t start out so good. I was a little annoyed with attitudes. I got over it though, obviously. Let me tell you this new tradition I started though…I decided to go out and buy my mom flowers, and thank her for giving me life. Yea I know it sounds cheezy, but I know my mom appreciated this act and it made me feel better giving my mom a little bit of the glory. Honestly I’ve been given a great life, great family, and great friends. What more could I wish for on my birthday?? I can’t think of anything…..


~ by Lauraige on 08/27/2010.

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