Little Wonderments

Day one of my weekend from school and couldn’t ask for a better day. Wow, I used to be little Negative Nancy, but now I’m little Miss Positive Patty. Shoot…..anyways, today was a fun day. Kind of had thoughts racing through my mind all day, but when doesn’t that happen with me? Did a little shopping which I haven’t done anything like that for myself in a loooonnnnggg time. I went to a bbq tonight, won a game of clue, got some good classical music, and found out I was Anemic. Big things happened in my life today! Did you know you can tell that you’re Anemic if you take something solid gold and rub it from your upper cheek to lower cheek and it forms a black line. I think I’m going to die. Man so I found out the worst place to get a bug bite. Your thumb. It HURTS!!!! I just need to go on Dr. Oz. There’s the negativity, or just realism….

I'm dying


~ by Lauraige on 08/28/2010.

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