Iron Man

Man, o man. I’m not sure if I can keep up with this schedule. Honestly I can’t remember what day it is today. I got my 6th nannying job today. This is on top of 7 classes, and still partly working at the Y. My plan is to go tell I loose my mind. Is this the most conventional way? Definitely possible, but probably not. Do I do most things the conventional way? Yes, but sometimes no. See at least I know my minds still working, because I’m indecisive still. Today I got grossed out in sanitation class. People make me sick. If I wasn’t a germ-a-phobe before, I sure am now. I want to watch my food being prepared and know what is being done to it. Can you believe that was only the second day of class?!?! Now I just have 14 more weeks to go. So I got these multivitamins yesterday. They smell like horse balls. I gag just smelling them, so we can just imagine what they actually taste like. What happened to the days where I used to get those yummy gummi-vitamins. My mom used to get mad at me for standing on the counter OD on those yummy delicious candy vitamins. You think it should be the opposite now. Why do adults have to get that nasty stuff. Anyways back to my original story, so I took those nasty things, and guess what…..they did some wacky stuff to me. I guess I have to keep taking them my mommy says to get rid of my anemia. Why is everyone so concerned? It’s just a little Iron deficiency.


~ by Lauraige on 08/31/2010.

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