Killing Me Softly

Ehhh, I really don’t have much to talk about tonight. Was you typical run of the mill days. I guess the only cool thing, was that I made some new friends today. I actually know their names too!!! I thought I was gonna be lost for friends for awhile. I love, love, love doing culinary. Except I’m starting to feel a teeny-tiny bit overwhelmed, I think. Maybe I’m just doing one thing too many. Don’t know what that is, but I am. Well this is just trial run first semester. I’ll learn pretty fast what is working for me and what isn’t. I just need to balance my life down to a T. I got this, they should just call me Wonder Woman. I’m thinking that’s gonna catch on. Anyways…

Thanks to all you boys, and girls, and far-out chicks, and cool-cat kids. From the greaser dudes, and hipster guys, from the disco queens, and the cutie pies. You gotta keep your eyes clued to the tube, ‘cause we’ve got some moves that you want to do, and you know its true. No fabrication or hesitation to the dance generation, that’s sweeping the nation. Take one part hat, and two-part glove, a disco ball, and a lotta love, and shake it up, and spin your head, and flippin’ your hands for your friends and fans out in TV Land. Just do your best, you know the rest, but there’s one thing I must confess. I got a third nipple on my chest. It’s pretty cool, pretty sweet, in school they called me Triple Teat. That’s not all, there’s more to tell. Between my butt cheeks is a little tail.  No big deal, I was born with it, and if I try real hard I can wiggle it. Holy cow I’m doing it now. So sit right back, don’t hatch in your sack, we’ll be right back.


~ by Lauraige on 09/03/2010.

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