Whatever You Like

I’m sure you’ve all heard the little phrase, never trust a skinny chef. I’m not saying I’m skinny, because that’s like throwing myself under a bus. Anyways, after my sanitation class I may just become a skin a bones chef. Learning about microorganisms is disgusting. You’re not safe from anything. All food has the potential to make you very sick. I left that class feeling one thing though, wanting some beef tacos! I have had this deep burning desire for some beef tacos, with a little guac. Did you know that avocado means testicle? I learned that and thought it was disgusting. I also learned some other good words in Spanish. I cannot honestly look at food the same way anymore. Some things can make you so sick that you don’t even realize how sick you are then you just convulse and die. Or one of the illnesses you start vomiting worms. Or you get some bloody diarrhea. Holy smokes man. I can’t live with that pressure of potentially killing someone. That’s just too much of a risk. I remember when I got food poisoning, how I honestly would have rather died. That good have just been from some simple salmonella. Imagine what some bacillia cereus could do??


~ by Lauraige on 09/07/2010.

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