Nanny Diaries

While I was nannying today, I was on the phone with my sister. She brought up something I’ve never thought of before. Nanny cam. Not like I have anything to be afraid of, but I’ve never really had a paranoia of someone watching me, but I think I do now. What’s that song…..”I always feel like somebody’s watching me!!!” I can’t think of why someone would want a nanny cam though. If you seriously have that trust issue with watching your kids, then maybe you shouldn’t have them watching your kids. Pretty simple. I was working out today, and all I could think about was that beef taco I never got yesterday. And I never got today. Phooey. Lesson of nannying though. Pick your battles. I learned how to compromise with a 3 year old tonight. That was a low point of my day, who would of ever thought I would be begging a 3 year old to go to bed?? Aye it’s time for my bedtime.


~ by Lauraige on 09/08/2010.

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