Ever have those days where your phone is literally blowing up?? I feel like the Lady Gaga song, “Stop calling, I’m kind of busy…” Today was just one of those days, one person in particular. If I’m not answering there is normally a rhythm to my reason. It’s the last thing I need. I think I’m gonna start having designated no phone days, just make it a day where I’m unplugged from everything. Oh wait that’s supposed to be called vacation. It’s fine, because I know what my guilty pleasure is, I know that I can indulge in it when I’m feeling like crap. What else could it be? Food, of course!!!!! Today we learned all about cakes in baking. Ummmm maybe specifically my favorite food. Even better, is cupcakes!!! I’m still on the hunt for the best cupcake. I won’t know till I’ve tried every single one. Well we made this chocolate turtle cupcake, and a chiffon cake. Let me just tell you this turtle cupcake is amazing. I love turtles and I love cupcakes. How much better could this get??? Slowly I feel like I’m settling in to my routine of school. I just need to stop procrastinating on the work. Prioritize, baby steps. So we just learned two things about me today. Well you maybe already know them, but just humor me by writing it down.

1. I hate when you call me repeatedly and blow up my phone (obviously I don’t want to talk)

2. I have a deep burning love for food, cakes in particular.


~ by Lauraige on 09/09/2010.

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