Cake Walk

I’ve been putting off writing a blog because I’ve had nothing good to write in the past couple of days. I’ve been thinking a lot though what I want to write about. I was sitting in class the other day, half listening to the lecture. It was about famous chefs and their influences. I began to think about what might my influences may be. What made the light go off in my head that I wanted to be a chef. I guess it’s the same typical story, but mine would probably be being in the kitchen with my grandmothers. I can remember the specific times, and what we were making very vividly.

I know with my Grandma Betty (my Asian side) every New Years it was big tradition to make this huge feast, and I would always want to help my grandma make the sushi. I can specifically remember though that we used to make “footballs” together, or as they are really called Inari. It was a huge treat for me and I always looked forward to making and eating them.

With my Grandma Patsy (white side) how cliche, but it was cheeseburgers. How ironic is that? My Asian side we made sushi, and my White side we made burgers. Anyways, it was just comfort for me when I would go spend the night, and be scared to be away from home. My grandma always knew what I wanted to eat and knew just how I liked it. I remember standing there in the kitchen thinking I was so cool that I was toasting hamburger buns in the toaster.

Both stories seem like a very lame start, but they meant a lot to me and made me always want to be cooking in a kitchen. Now the question for you is this, when was the first time you had your culinary experience? It could be as simple as the fresh strawberry that you grew yourself, and it was at the perfect ripeness. Or it was this marvelous 5 star dinner you had in Europe. Just give you something to think about. I think it’s awesome to hear about other peoples culinary experiences. So just think about it and explore!

~ by Lauraige on 09/12/2010.

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