Playing Chicken

So, once again with my culinary adventures. I’m sure this will get old soon. Anyways, being in my culinary fundamentals lab we were doing all kinds of cooking. Making a sauteed chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and tapenade. I would of throughly enjoyed it, if I didn’t have such a lame partner. It was such a stressful class. Today was a crucial day that both partners carry their share. I felt like I was doing my work, and fixing his mistakes. After taking a few sanitation classes, I’m critiquing every movement in the kitchen. I caught not just him, but this kid in particular touching his face multiple times, using the chicken tongs to turn the asparagus, and touching the chicken and going to cut up sun dried tomatoes for the tapenade. It’s not just him though I caught others peeling their potatoes and laying them on the same surface they just had some raw chicken. Yea, I’m never eating at their restaurants. I enjoyed eating the few things on the plate, I hate a little bit of my chicken I made, the mashed potatoes were cold and bland, and I wasn’t touching that tapenade and asparagus. I guess you could say I was playing chicken! I’ll just have to re-create it myself. I love how I’m in culinary school, but I ate a meatloaf T.V dinner tonight, as my dinner at 10:30. I guess that’s what I get for not being home all freakin day.


~ by Lauraige on 09/13/2010.

One Response to “Playing Chicken”

  1. Cross Contamination is the WORST! Just call those idoits on stuff like that, an IRON chef would never but up with a dorkusour rubbin zit juice on raw poultry then fondling the cold serve veggie. +100 points for the meatloaf dinner! lol. (new fan of this blog, forever)

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