Bake Sale

I was thinking tonight while lifeguarding, “Why do kids pick their nose and eat the boogers?” Seriously though after observing the kids I nanny for and the kids I see at the Y, all kids do it. What makes all kids instinctively know that you insert your finger in your nose and proceed to eat the boogers? Anyways, just something to think about. I realized this week that my clothes are getting a little tight. I think my dryer is shrinking them, I should bring that up to my parents. Right, I think I’m turing into a hog really, but can you blame me? Look at what I’m eating everyday. Its just slightly ridiculous. So I’ve put myself quite in a little pickle recently. Going horseback riding with friends tomorrow….$50. Buying a new Fall jacket…..$70. The final total for the Muse concert at the Staples Center next Saturday…….$106. Paying my car insurance and phone bill……$150. Working my butt off to pay for all this……..priceless. I guess I might as well have a bake sale!!!

Chiffon Cake w/raspberry and buttercream filling.

Chocolate Angel Food Cake

~ by Lauraige on 09/17/2010.

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