Drinking Out of Cups

So, I guess blogging has taking a backseat to my new updated busy life. That just means each post needs to bring something to the table.

Top sirloin, potato gratin, baked vegetables with parmesan

Ha! Get it?? I’ll let you just think about that one. So I went horseback riding this past Saturday, I hate Cuervo. We’re not talking about Jose who everyone loves, we’re talking about his brother, he his the lazy ass. That horse made my life miserable. Wow I’m just sitting here thinking that a ton has gone on in the past 4 days. Yet it feels like an entire month not 4 days! I’m still working on just getting my life in check, I had a HUGE fml kind of moments today. I forgot what day it was….again….and I was SUPER late to my class. Those kind of stuff would happen to me. Anyways, the bottom line I need to actually use the day planner I bought, and get real man. Cool thing with me being late I got this opportunity to do a catering job in the East Sierras!!! Just like that song Apache by the Sugarhill Gang, I’m gonna Jump On It!!!


~ by Lauraige on 09/21/2010.

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