Shooting the Moon

So, a few know I like to live on the edge. This is why I went cheese tasting today. Yea, that was a bad idea. If it isn’t for a class I wouldn’t advise anyone to do it. Maybe that’s why people drink wine when they go cheese tasting, so they can get drunk and not realize what they are doing. I’m not lying when I say that stuff MESSED me up. I ate some strong cheeses today, and after that my taste buds were dead for the rest of the day. I’m trying really hard to organize my life, yesterday I had a miserable day. I once again forgot what day it was, (that kind of stuff would happen to me.) Anyways, I was SUPER late for my class, which we had a guest speaker. What a jack hole I looked like showing up 45 minutes late. Oh well I try not to get hung up on the little things, but when my life is school right now, that is pretty major. I really need to find a job. I’m so in the hole right now, it’s almost not funny anymore. Yet somehow I managed to spend quite a pretty penny this month. I’ve actually been looking into internships, I figure that is the best way to get my foot in the door at a good restaurant without the hassle of doing an actual job interview. Yea, so it might not pay me, but at least I’ll be getting some incredible experience. I’ve been reading this book about what it takes to become a chef (how cliche is that) and I’m learning it’s almost pointless for me to be going to culinary school. Most of these famous chefs never went, they all just served as apprentices. I guess this is just the easier route, without much struggle. Well I’ll take a shot at it.


~ by Lauraige on 09/22/2010.

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