Case of the Mondays

Have you had those Mondays that you cannot bare. I mean all Mondays are bad, but once in awhile you will get a real nasty one. It is already 12 in the afternoon and this one has just been a pathetic bad. I was never gonna mention this, but I burned my bechemel sauce today in class. Even when the chef tasted it, his face went to a complete sour look. Can we just say that’s a tiny bit embarrassing. I learned quickly though never to burn anything again, that pot took me a half hour to clean and that was after putting water in it and boiling it. Now I was sitting here playing on my phone and I just deleted one of my blog post by accident. Never finding that puppy again. I live a very anxiety and neurotic life if that’s what my worries consist of, but it just makes it worse that it’s a Monday.


~ by Lauraige on 10/04/2010.

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