Woolly Adventure

So I’m in a car right now with 10 other culinary freaks and we’re treking it to the East Sierras. Why you may ask if we are in culinary, shouldn’t we be going to a restaurant or something? Well we are going out there to cook, but its for 200 geology students on their little rock field trip. So 10 of us are cooking gourmet meals in a camping setting for 200 people for an entire week…..what did I get myself into?!?! The funny thing is I’m super excited about it!! Just anyone I’ve seen in the past month and they’ll tell you I haven’t shut up about it. I just really wished I had a magazine to read right now. And I forgot to bring my knives. I guess I’m gonna have to borrow a rock from those geology kids and start sharpening it so we can rock it caveman style.


~ by Lauraige on 10/12/2010.

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