No Sé

What an adventure. I don’t even know what day it is of this culinary experience. WAY different than I expected. Everyone is a stress case. Well, some of more than others. I had a horrible dinner service last night, but too many people are too controlling in the kitchen and you can’t roll that way. I don’t think we could have a better crew. These are some of the most awesome people. I know have people to make stupid culinary jokes to, and best part is they get it!

We went to these amazing hot springs today too. So relaxing and we got to take showers. Baby wipes just don’t give that total out of the shower feeling. I’m back on a monster kick. I bought a case at the store and I didn’t look back. I think my nickname is Monster Mouse. Don’t ask me what that means.


~ by Lauraige on 10/15/2010.

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