Pineapple Girl

So, I just got back from my trip today. Last night was insane. My crew and I decided we would try and pull an all nighter, that just gave us an extra 5 hours to mess around. We decided to go on a long hike, up a couple ranges. We got in trouble by one of the Geology instructors he actually chased us. That was such a stupid night, I don’t know what we were thinking about a lot of things. Overall it was an amazing trip, most things I really miss, but there were a few things that could of just not have happened and it would of made the trip brilliant. It was a great learning experience, not just in culinary either. I made some incredible new friends, We were kind of like the 5 musketeers. I really miss it already. We also went to Mt. Whitney, Manzanar to get in touch with my Jap side, and back to the lovely hot springs. It just got better. Now I get to sleep in tomorrow and be at school at 8…..ain’t that a trip?? I actually loved getting up at 4, but this was also with a group of people, but I felt like I made more use of my day.


~ by Lauraige on 10/17/2010.

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