Just One of the Boys

Like a guy, lately I’ve felt no emotional attachment to things. I’m not being sexist though saying all guys don’t have any emotional attachment. I’m saying girls are more emotionally driven than guys are. It’s kind of nice to not have a care in the world. I have never felt this productive with my life ever. It’s about time though that I make some changes. I’ve just had a lot of issues with things and have been unhappy where my life was going. I’ve been having feelings about changing for months now, but especially after my trip I want to put things in motion and quit talking about it. I honestly feel like I just grew up a lot, in the last month. No more childish ways and shying away from reality. Or ending an old life and starting a new one. If anything my one goal in life is to always be happy in what I’m doing, and currently I can say that I am extremely happy with my life, with no strings attached.


~ by Lauraige on 10/24/2010.

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