Eggs, It’s What’s for Dinner

So, is it weird that I’m stressing about finals? Even when my finals are to cook a perfect egg, show different cuts on a potato, and to bake a cake, pie, cinnamon roll, and pizza? Yea, can’t get more difficult than that. Sounds like a piece of cake, but I’m not gonna put these assignments on the back burner…..So, which leads me to my story. I hate eggs. The smell, taste, texture, look, and feeling all just make me sick. So it really sucks that my assignment would be to make a perfect egg, since that is an oxymoron to me. I have cooked through 3 dozen eggs in the past week, you can probably understand my complete loathing feeling towards it. I’ve been eating eggs breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only eating eggs two different ways. Large curd and small curd. What’s the difference you say. Well, you see small curd is a more omelet style, and large is your traditional scrabbled eggs that are light and fluffy. Shoot, I hate eggs is what it boils down to…..yet here I am at 1 in the morning cooking yet another batch of eggs.

My imperfect eggs....


Cooking Tip: If eggs aren’t your deal, I learned today that they sell a wide variety of other game. That’s your tip, here’s an offer now…..who wants to go halvesies with me on some lion meat? It’s about $150.00 a lbs.


~ by Lauraige on 11/20/2010.

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