Let’s Get Sauced

So this has already been a rough start to a fantastic week. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much lack of sleep. So, since it’s been a couple of days we’ll start by a day to day basis. Friday sucked eggs, I got a stupid ticket at 3 in the freakin morning. Do cops have nothing else better to do? On Saturday, I did some therapy shopping after a horrible week, and then once I was looking cute with my new clothes, I went to hang out with part of my Woolly crew. That was just a ridiculous ball of fun, to put my adventures that night simply, I lit myself on fire, jumped off the 2nd story balcony, and had some weird yellow stains on my hands. Sunday….my cousins came to town the day before so I was forced to hang out with them. I took them to see Harry Potter, and that was a waste of 2 1/2 hours of my life, seeing how that was the first one I’ve ever seen. Hermione and Ron just need to get together already. Monday, noting eventful other than I have a welt on my rear end thanks to a classmate whipping me in the arse. I’ve never screamed so dang loud. That’s when I slapped him in the face with a raw slab of turkey. As you can tell we have fun in the kitchen. Good thing I signed up for all my classes yesterday and I got every single one! That was a dancing on my own kind of moment. Now today, I found the coolest shirt website http://shirt.woot.com/, I purchased the coolest dang shirt ever!!!! I’m so overwhelmed about getting it, I’ve never felt so giddy in my life. I’ll give someone a dollar if they can guess which shirt I got…. That’s definitely gonna be it’s own blog topic once I get it. This week can only get better, I’m glad I go from crappy weeks to fantastic. Maybe that means I’m a little bi-polar.

Cooking Tip: There’s no need to cook a dang turkey for 8 hours.If you are going to be cooking a large turkey, might as well cook two smaller ones. You dry out your turkey by cooking it for 8 hours, and you are wasting your life……


~ by Lauraige on 11/23/2010.

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