Driving Me Crazy

That’s it I’ve had it. I’ve tried to be a sport about this, but it’s finally eaten me to the core. I HATE DRIVERS IN SB!!! With a deep burning heated passion. I can’t believe how many stupid drivers at all. Yea, maybe it is a little bit of road rage, but only a smidge. I just can’t believe how bad they are, and this is coming from someone who’s Asian. So, you better believe I know a bad driver when I see one. People pull the dumbest. I swear, I really just want to know these people’s thought process that would make them think what they are doing is ok. I especially love the people that get angry with you when they are the ones pulling these ridiculous moves. I just sit back, and think, “Did that just really happen??” And the answer is always, yes, yes that really just happened. I’m definitely not saying I’m perfect in any means, but really there comes a point when you realize you aren’t the one making the mistake. So, SB watch out for those idiot drivers. And if you are reading this thinking, “Shoot, is she talking about me??” Yes, I am talking about you…..

I read the DMV manuel....this is apparently what the idiots read


~ by Lauraige on 11/28/2010.

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