The Final Countdown

Well, well, well…..the dreaded egg final has come and gone. I couldn’t sleep a wink last night, I was having nightmares that I kept screwing up my egg. True story. I got up this morning with a pit in my stomach.

julienne, brunoise, small dice, medium dice, large dice, chiffinade, minced, and sliced cuts

My heart was pounding walking to class. Potato cuts and two eggs stood between me and a passing grade in the class. After 3 dozen eggs, I still didn’t find one that was perfectly right. You could maybe feel at this point my anxiety. Criteria of this stupid egg was that it had to be one of the two small or large curd (whichever he decided for the class), that it was cooked and ready to serve at the time he asked for it, that it was hot, and that it was well seasoned. I arrived. Got my materials I needed for class. Sharpened my knives, and then we watched his demo to see what our grade curve was for our cuts and eggs, and see which egg he decided to do. Small curd, and it was perfect. I get to work on my cuts, almost perfect. I need better right angles, but the sizes matched his spot on. Ok this suspense is getting annoying. So, I realized I had 15 minutes before I had to turn my egg in. I got started. Whisking adding the seasonings, heating my pan, getting everything in its place. I start my egg its going good, and then I realize my 15 minutes are now 2 and I’m supposed to have this plated and in his hands exactly at 10:40. The stupid egg is still not cooked totally. Hahaha, I scramble to get that last bit cooked and I plate it, running it to the chef. He looks at it, and looks at me……all he said was, “Wow…” Huh??? Is that good or bad? He cuts it open to see if it was cooked….spot on. Color….lemon yellow, no white specks. Temperature….just off the stove. Time…..cut it to the second. Seasoning…..could of used a pinch more salt. Overall……100% SUCKAS!!!! Yea I’m that good. Someone better knock me down off this pedestal I just put myself on. Hey, just let go my ego. 1 final down, 5 to go.



This is for those of you who think I stole someone else's grade sheet


~ by Lauraige on 11/29/2010.

2 Responses to “The Final Countdown”

  1. Is there a food stain on your certificate? What did you season the egg with?

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