Hard Knock Life

So, much has happened in my life this past week. It’s been the best of times, and it’s been the worst of times. I can tell you the one highlight of my week is finding out that I was the only one that got a perfect score on my egg final, AND that my instructor has not given a perfect score in 3 YEARS!!! Go me. Still that did not heal the wounds that I got when I failed, utterly failed my baking final. So, at least I know that I won’t cut it in the baking business, but I can get a job at IHOP. Go me.

Going back to the baking thing. That was my worst day this week. That day I woke up at 5 to do a catering job in the bake shop from 7-1 and then I had my baking final from 2-7. I saw the sun rise and set in that bake shop. To top it off I went to work until 10 right after failing my final. Alright, so what went wrong you may ask? Everything, literally everything. Neither of my yeast doughs rose. My cake ended up over baking on the outside, but still not cooked all the way through on the inside. And my pie was fine taste and texture wise, but those damn pecans I put as just added detail burnt. So, I got a 0 on that along with everything else. I’m still quite upset about that day.

Saturday: I woke up again at 5 to do a catering job. (Boy, I’m glad I’m going to be done with these…) That is a long story in itself. I think I will tell it anyways. If you want the short story I spilt enough mashed potatoes to feed at least 100 people if you want the long story read on.

So, I was in charge of making mashed potatoes for 400 foreign exchange students of the school. I was cooking a huge vat of potatoes in this crazy machine that was shallow but about 6ft.x4ft. I was cooking all these potatoes, so I needed a huge industrial mixer. Seriously this sucker was the largest mixer I’ve ever seen. Except one of the wheels on the base for the bowl was missing, so you still had to support it upright as you moved it around. While I was dishing out the potatoes into the bowl I had the bowl wedged under this vat that held all the potatoes. The vat had a crank that you could use to tip it to pour water out, so while I cranked it back upright after I scooped all the potatoes out, the vat knocked over the huge mixing bowl. Next thing I knew, I was standing there looking at this huge pile of potato, scrambling to think of something. A girl next to me washing dishes looked over and saw this and her reaction was the same as mine. I mean this was A LOT of potatoes. What she said next shocked me. She just said, “Pick up the ones that haven’t touched the ground!” Really, though. Those potatoes are all dollar signs. I ended up burning my hand. And we tried to quickly clean up the mess before the chef came back in to see. He finally figured out what we were doing, and asked how much I spilt. We told him hardly anything, until he looked in the trash can and his eyes doubled in size. Yea, ummmm wasn’t THAT much. Just get a little minute mashed potatoes if you run low. That was a fun day.

So, that’s really my highlights of the week. Trust me when I say I’ve had better weeks. I got my shirt from http://shirt.woot.com/ it’s pretty amazing. I can’t wait to see what kind of remarks I get.

Cooking Life Tip: Don’t ever wax yourself, you will surely regret it.


~ by Lauraige on 12/05/2010.

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