The Dinner Party

So, I took my last two finals today after 7 grueling finals I’m done. Except tonight, smart me voluntarily agreed to cook for a dinner party. Small only fed 11 people, but won’t lie, kind of a drag. I cooked a sautéed chicken. Really wanted to do fish, but things don’t always go your way. I also made an arugula with roasted pears, walnut, and parmesan salad. A lovely butternut squash soup. A tapenade to go along with the chicken. Garlic mashed potatoes/sweet potatoes, and grilled asparagus. And finally for dessert I made a delicious velvety creme caramel. Nothing went wrong. I’m mentally and physically exhausted though. I did a lot of prep work last night, while also studying for my finals. I went to bed at 3 and got up around 7. Pretty much have been going ever since. Tomorrow is Disneyland!!!! My pass is about to expire so I’m doing two full days of that. I thought it was my break and I could enjoy not having cooking as much, and getting to sleep in….wrong. It’ll come soon I suppose. I’m going to hate being away from school for 6 freakin weeks!!! I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. Mainly though it’s going to be sad not seeing my dirt bag friends. No worries I have friends coming home from school for the holidays, so it’ll be a very nice change. I’m exhausted though, and I’m up at 5 tomorrow. I need to pack some energy drinks


Oh I passed my baking final the other day, I just told her to give me a “B” and she said that was fine. Way to use my persuasiveness.


Cooking Tip: When sautéing chicken, don’t touch the hot pan. Your finger will stick to the pan just like anything else will. I named my new burn Wilbur. He joined the family today.


~ by Lauraige on 12/10/2010.

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