I’m Coming Home

Ahhh…so my brother forgot to pay the phone bill the other day so they cut off our phones until he pays. It’s actually REALLY nice not having that stupid phone beeping every few minutes with a pointless email, reminder, text, phone call. I love being temporarily cut off from the world. So, the events in my life the past couple of day are like any other. Some great and some bad. I got asked the other day to cater an event for 400 people!!! Yea, 400!!!! The number didn’t seem quite as big when I said yes. You know what I find hilarious….is when people who you were never really friends with find out about your new talent and they try to bring you into their life to mooch from you. Yea, not cool, and no I still don’t want to cook with you….

So, my sister and her family are coming to town today. They haven’t visited since I was in jr high. That’s a long freakin time. She was due. It would have been fun and exciting if the weather is how it was last weekend, BUT now it’s supposed to pour for the next week. I love rain, just go away till next weekend. I fully decided now that I’m moving out, and I’m looking at apartments. This has been long over due as well. It’s time I spread my wings….wow that was the most cheese-ball thing ever!!!

Well time to say my farewells I’m late for a very important date!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 12/17/2010.

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