Nutty Sundaes

Since it’s the holidays it’s inevitable that family is involved. I love my family to death, but we all have those feelings sometimes well…you know like you kinda want to kill them. Like those smart people say families are like sundaes sweet with a few nuts. It seems like a whole nut factory was poured out on my sundae. Me included. Where do I begin with such fiascos. Yes I said fiascos, plural. I guess well just keep it current right here, right now. Love my grandma. Bless her soul, but I swear she’s loosing it. It’s actually quite sad. I could film her life and it would make better reality tv than that Jersey Shore crap. For instance, how much has my life changed even in the past 6 months? A lot, but what does my grandma want to talk about with me….my love life and my cat that she lost a year and a half ago. Not one mention of dang culinary school that she knows that she was an influence in me going. Even my aunt who tried to tell me not to do it at least mentioned about it. To give you a little insight on the conversations it was mainly who was the newest family member going senile and how the family inmates are doing. This conversation was going on while my uncle was looking up some political jargon, my aunt was yelling at the ratty little dogs, my mom playing fetch with the ratty hyper dogs, and my sister and I pretending like we’re popping a gun in our mouths. I’m sure my family is not the only one with problems. Can’t live with them, and can’t live without them I guess….


~ by Lauraige on 12/26/2010.

2 Responses to “Nutty Sundaes”

  1. Do you watch any cooking shows?

  2. I do on occasion, I’m very particular about what cooks I like though.

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