Hairy Situation

So I finally took the plunge, I did it!!! I got the hair cut that I was so hesitant about. Now if you don’t like it, well I couldn’t care less. Ooooo I think this new hair is bringing out a WHOLE new personality. Actually, probably not. I won’t tell you what inspired this new hairstyle, you’ll think I’m a complete nerd. Alright fine, this is kind of based off Olivia Wilde’s hair in Tron. Hey at least I didn’t base it off the homeless guy I saw downtown last night. Which brings me to a story…..

So, last night I went downtown to see The Growlers perform. It was an all ages show, but they decided to charge the cool under 21 crowd a $3 drink fee. (What are they gonna give me??? Hawaiian Punch??) Nada my friend. We got to the drink station for the little kids and they had red bull, water, and soda. Me and my bestie asked if they had some Shirley Temples, but that was gonna be an additional charge so we just went with some name brand root beer. In the words of my friend, “We are like African-Americans in the 1940’s!” The segregation in that place was not cool, and giving us weak sodas to compensate no bueno.

My next story. So, my friend and I were standing there watching some of the opening groups, and this one dude kept looking at me. I mean he wasn’t bad looking, but I didn’t want to start chatting it up either. Anyways, he kept looking at me, so I waited for the approach. He finally came up and asked what my name was, and asked if I wanted to dance. I politely declined. Awhile later when the Growlers are performing, I see the dude literally groping this chick and making out with her…..I slap my friend and point out the sight and we start busting up laughing. After the show, the dude comes back up to me and reintroduced himself. He then proceeds to ask if I was around here and what school I go to. I tell him I’m 19 and what school I go to. Then I return the question. He pauses….”I’m 17.” Uhhhh, ok. Well nice to meet you home skillet, I’m bouncing. As I’m driving home, I stop at a light, and casually glance over to the car next to me, and whose in that car?? None other than the cool kid at the show. I look away quickly, but I got caught. He rolls down his window, and tells me to do the same. He then asks me to come over to his place, and I shoot him a dirty look, and say, “You’re jail bait kid” and I drive off. That kid had juevos and I liked it. If only you could have been 3 years older……






~ by Lauraige on 12/30/2010.

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  1. Looks great!

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