My Strange Addiction

So, it’s been awhile. A long time actually. I can’t even remember what has happened. Oh right, it’s a whole new year! Peace 2010, you offered nothing too amazing. 2011 already started with a bang. Working my butt off before I go back to school at the end of this month and I’ll pretty much be jobless. I honestly would have scratched something up to write, if anything really eventful happened, but sorry to say nada. I guess what is inspiring this post are my strange food addictions. I was watching this crazy show the other day called “My Strange Addiction.” These people have some really strange addictions. From eating household cleaner to ventriloquism.

So, since I always knew I have an addictive personality I began thinking of all my strange addictions. Surprisingly most are food related, well actually pretty much all. I mean I know everyone goes through waves of what kind of food float their boat, but I mean these were serious. Pretty much all I would consume were these specific things. So, lets just start with my addiction to apples and cinnamon oatmeal. I used to loathe oatmeal until I took a bite of this lovely mush goodness. Then I believe I moved on to my addiction of bbq sauce. That yummy sweet and tangy sauce, I would literally drink that stuff. After that, I craved for heat. I couldn’t get enough of hot sauce. That wasn’t a very long one, but I had to have that stuff of everything. My insides hated me after that. Pink lemonade, that was the first and original one. I love In n’ Out’s pink lemonade I used to go in there buying one drink, but bringing extra empty water bottles with me and fill them as an endless supply. I’m mixing everything out of order, but I absolutely know I was addicted to cupcakes. Whodidily cupcakes for a fact. Another was chocolate moo-moo. Reminded me of my childhood, of never being allowed to have chocolate milk. Right after Labor day, I had a kettle corn kick. I would eat bags of the TJs pink bag kettle corn, daily. Gummi Tummys from TJs were also a must for while. Those delicious liquid filled penguins were to die for! Which after all that brings me to now. I’m addicted to sandwiches. Turkey and cheese sandwiches with a smidge of yellow mustard. I pork out on those bad boys. Eat a couple a day. So, now you can tell I eat a lot of crap. And I have some strange addictions. Count them how many is that? 9? And I’m sure I’m missing some. At least I used to be addicted to working out……


~ by Lauraige on 01/10/2011.

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