Sweet Life

So, a week and a day of school have gone by already. Gee I can’t believe it. So, I just thought I would give a quick update on my classes. I’m taking 4 classes besides my two practicums I’m taking in March and April. I’m taking 3 lecture classes and 1 lab. My classes are Culinary Fundamentals 2, Principles of Pantry, Purchasing and Receiving, and Hospitality Controls. It’s quite a load. So, much reading in all the classes, tests every week, and plenty of projects. Who said culinary school was easy? I will slap them. It’s been a real challenge keeping up with my paid work as well. No thanks that some of the kids I nanny for are coming down with the stomach flu, and pink eye. Lovely. I said this was going to be a quick update, BECAUSE I have some good stuff. Seriously it’s good. I haven’t been posting for a reason. Because my life is so dang nabbit exciting right now, seriously, I know how I can be sarcastic, but it’s seriously exciting.


P.S. Happy kickoff to Black History Month!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 02/01/2011.

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