Dream Girl

Well once again I feel like a failure.

Anyway, been having some good times, sorta. I’ve been a little bipolar with life. Some days I love it, and more times than not I kind of loathe it. What I have been using as a good escape though on those sucky days is a nocturnal state. I have quite thoroughly enjoyed being an awesome college student and getting an average 11 hours a sleep a night. While being in the REM cycle, I’ve been having the coolest and mind-blowing dreams. So, I decided as a little extra curricular project I would tap into my dreams and figure out what they mean. Who hasn’t thought about doing that right? I mean dreams are powerful things. Why else would they make a whole movie out of it like Inception? So, I kind of have powers, because I can kind of control my dreams. I can decide what will happen and what outcomes might be. This is called lucid dreaming. It’s fun, but I want to understand in more! What’s one to do when you want to do that, buy a book of course!! I bought this book called Breakthrough Dreaming. I received it today, and still haven’t made it past the first paragraph of the introduction. Maybe it’s because of my constant lethargic state I’m now always in. It’s hard for me to focus. Like now, I can’t focus on writing anymore especially since I’m SUPPOSED to read some 80 pages right now, but I’m gonna opt for some sleep instead….


~ by Lauraige on 02/07/2011.

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