True Asian Blood

So my this past week has been nothing short of craziness, freak accidents, and just plain everyday weirdness in the life of Lauren.

Starting off, my body still feels ripped apart from Fit Buddha. I guess I’m a pretty unfit buddha. To top off my physical pain meter I ended up cutting my finger open that same day. How you might ask? Seeing how I’m a culinary student you think it would be with a knife, right?? Wrong!! I cut it open with a pen, sitting in class. Huh?! That’s right a pen. I was going to pretend stab my friend with it because he said I looked like the little annoying lady from The Incredibles, and that stupid plastic thing on the cap just ripped a new one in my finger.

A visual of my situation

Blood pouring out immediately. Well, what to do but go to the health office and get a band-aid right? Well I was walking up their holding my finger with a piece of binder paper, when I finally got there and asked for a band-aid. The stupid nurse tells me to sign in with my I.D card. Well, lady I don’t carry my I.D card around, because that picture is hideous, and I sure don’t know that long number by heart so, I don’t have my card or number……her response, “Well I’m sorry then we can’t help you.” WHAT?!?!?! my finger is pouring blood from a pen cap, I can’t make this stuff up….I just need a band-aid. Long story short…..I never got a band-aid from her, I finally found a first aid kit in one of the kitchens.

Maybe looks a little like me....

This is not me














Anyway, so besides that traumatic story nothing too exciting. I’m cooking food for a camp this weekend. So I get to go to the snow……whoopee. I like going to the snow, just not being in the snow. It’ll be a nice weekend getaway. Speaking of food I realized I haven’t posted any new pictures of food lately, well you’re wish is my command. BAM!!!



Bird carved out of an apple

Moshi Moshi

Bringing honor to my ancestors














Hungry? I’m not I ate that whole plate. Fine dining. Well now that I’m full and satisfied I’m gonna leave you with a video I’m obsessed with.


~ by Lauraige on 02/22/2011.

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  1. I was literally going to post that video and tag you in it.

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