Freakin Freegans

Today while I was working, a coworker brought up an interesting subject. He brought up produce, as in fruit and vegetables. That’s not weird right? Wrong, he brought up the art form known as freegans. Basically freegans are dumpster divers that pick up food that has been thrown out by grocery stores. It isn’t the first time I’ve heard about these freegans. I’ve seen them on shows like Oprah before, but have never actually met one in real life before! I was actually amazed that they truly existed. My idea of dumpster diving always disgusted me. What if the grocery stores were throwing it out because there was something wrong with the food, not that it was just going to go bad? I mean you never really know why it was in the dumpster. Though he made some good points. Like a perfectly good bottle of wine, that was only thrown out because it was in a case and one of the bottles happened to break and ruin the labels on all the other bottles. That might be an exception. Still the idea of taking meat, or produce still doesn’t sit well. Not only is that completely unsanitary, well no that’s it, it’s completely unsanitary. Who knows how long that food has been sitting in there. How long that meat has been sitting in the temperature danger zone (the temperature that bacteria grows the quickest). What kind of bacteria is now all over those tomatoes you are about to just rinse and put on your salad. I get that times are hard, and people will do anything to save a buck, but I’m sure there are other areas you can compromise rather than jumping in the trash to find food. Just cut some coupons! If you’re a freegan, don’t come to my restaurant, I’m not pro-garbage fest.


~ by Lauraige on 03/04/2011.

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