Story of My Life

Pastry Practicum final: Pineapple upside down cupcake, coconut ice cream, with a rum sauce eat it all together you get a Pina Colada!!!!

Well my practicums are OVER!!!!! I’m quite bummed actually. I loved doing them, I learned so much, it gave me so much opportunity, I grew closer to my classmate, have personal relationships with my instructors, the list goes on. Hardest work I’ve done in quite a while probably since my culinary field trip but it’s given me a lot of discipline. Unfortunately gaining one thing you tend to lose something else and for that I apologize for neglecting this blog.

School is actually winding down for me now other then some final projects and final test I’m really just on cruise control until summer. Yea I know it’s never good to just cruise, but frankly I feel like I deserve a little down time. I’m focusing right now on finding some summer jobs that will benefit me and my future career. It’s looking pretty hopeful, but that’s why you have connections. I’m ready to kick summer’s butt, since this school year kicked mine. It’s time to run wild and free!! My new motto is gonna be, “Yea, that just happened….”

I’m gonna leave this pretty short and sweet I have a lot of photos to share of my work especially in my pastry practicum. I promise I’ll be around more often now.

My final for food service as you can see people wanted some of it

~ by Lauraige on 05/03/2011.

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