So Smoothie

In the effort to lose some extra lbs, I have resorted to skipping meals. No, I’m just kidding sort of…..I have decided to skip actually eating meals and replace a meal a day with a smoothie. Also, I’m being completely neurotic about counting calories. Every little morsel of food that goes into my mouth is accounted for. Anyway, back to the smoothies. I’m putting my blender through a beating, but hopefully I’m getting what I’m putting in. I’ve started out with some delicious drinks. Little mixed berry smoothie with spinach and pomegranate juice. Today felt like I needed my protein kick so I made a peanut butter and banana smoothie with some extra protein powder. I’m trying to think of some more healthy smoothies, so if you have any ideas let me know. Because the same old thing gets a little boring.

Now you’re probably thinking what happened to the gluten-free and sugar-free. So I kind of ditched that, sort of. I super cut back on gluten foods, and I’m only in taking natural sugars in the fruit and what not. This might be a pain in the *ahem* but hopefully this will eliminate that extra cushion.

Maybe this all will be easier once school is over. Oh my gatos, finals are killing me softly. I feel like each day I have one they’re getting worse. Top it off I took on more hours at work. I need to learn how to relax. Is that too much to ask? Well, time to study now. Can’t get too excited about being done just yet.

~ by Lauraige on 05/18/2011.

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