The Freebie List

This all came about when my sister and I were having a discussion about country music. I mentioned something about Tim McGraw knowing full well that she was in love with him. Though being happily married herself with 3 kids she said that they were supposed to be together. I blew it off the comment and then she asked if I ever saw the “Friends” episode where each of them make a freebie list. You choose 5 celebrities that even if you were currently in a relationship it was a freebie, since odds are that would NEVER happen. So, my sister said that no matter through the years Tim McGraw consistently stayed on her list. So, I started to think of mine. Who would be on my freebie list?? Unfortunately, I have 6 on my list so here are the nominees:

Johnny Depp

We've had our ups and downs, but Johnny is like my Tim McGraw we were supposed to be together but that Vanessa chick got in the way. I still have a chance he hasn't put a ring on her finger...yet.

Adam Levine

His bad boy rocker image is just the edge that makes him a candidate

Jude Law

Just like Johnny we've had a past.

Zac Efron

He's grown up a lot, I guess that's why I've brought him back on my list

Curtis Stone

Well, here's the chef in me. How can you not love him? He's got skills in the kitchen and he's gorgeous.

Robert Pattinson


So, now who to pick?? Someone needs the boot, but who to pick???? I feel just like Ross in the episode, the one person he gave the boot to he saw at the coffee shop soon after, this could potentially become a real life situation and you have to take this seriously! So, I need your help. If you have any idea, you gotta help me!!!!!


~ by Lauraige on 05/26/2011.

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