I’ll give Kiefer a run for his money. Besides all the federal agent mumbo jumbo. I win in the unbelievable category. It all started yesterday when my mom asked me to come down to L.A and San Diego with her to have dinner with my sister that night and go see my brother in the afternoon, and then finally dinner at my aunt’s house. Just one big fam bam fest. I told her I would think about it and get back to her by 1.

I decided to go with her. I wanted to just swing by my work though before we left to check my schedule for next week. No joke son I looked at that dang schedule and my name was right next to the 5 o’clock time slot for yesterday and today, oh and I’m looking an hour before that shift yesterday. A sheer moment of panic flashed before me. What was I gonna do?? I really want to go have some free meals with my mom!! I ran out and told her what was up and started we thinking about my options. Of course I could just go home and come back for my shift, but that’s no fun. I went in and asked my manager what my options could be about not working since he scheduled me so last-minute. He said he could take care of yesterdays shift, but he really needed me to come in tomorrow. Fair enough, my mom said she’d take care of it. She said that she would send me back on the train this morning. We quickly ran over to the train station and got me a one way ticket to Santa Barbara. 

We made beautiful time down to L.A to have dinner with my sister. We even stopped to pick up cupcakes in Calabasas. I looked for the Kardashians, but they were probably sitting in front of a mirror telling themselves how famous they are. We were just a little late getting there to meet up with her, but not much. We were supposed to go pick her and her Columbian-Jewish boyfriend up at his house. She had left her phone at home but gave us his number to reach them. As we approached the L.A area we started to call to find out where his casa was. No answer. We tried calling her. No answer. We texted him. No response. Texted her. No response. We decided to pull off the freeway and just wait….for 45 minutes. Finally after several attempts we gave up and call my aunt and she tells us to just come over to her house about 30 minutes away. We drive and go pick up some Mexican take-out and just before we order, who calls…..my beloved sister. So, we tell her to come over and we’ll get her food. We get to my aunt’s house eat dinner and go. We spent the night at a friend’s house and my mom and I stay up until almost 1 talking with them. We decided we would go to Downtown Disney for breakfast in the morning aka we had to be gone by 7:30. That was brutal.

We get to Disneyland for breakfast, we only had about an hour until we had to get to the train station downtown. After eating we went into a store. I decided to buy something and use my annual passport for a discount and the clerk tells me that my pass expired. You must be working at the wrong park lady, there’s no looney toons here. She shows me that clearly on my pass it said it expired on April 1, 2011. HAHAHAHAHAHA that’s some April fools joke Disney. Don’t you know that’s when I activated my card. Oh jokes gonna be on you, but right now I gotta go catch a train.

We’re already running late, and the GPS is telling us its gonna take 27 minutes to the station. It finally directs off the freeway, and we’re pulling up to the destination. And this one track down the middle of the ghetto street doesn’t really look like a station. Hot damn. I don’t know what happened, how it happened, but it decided to redirect us in the opposite direction, but 12 minutes away. I had 17 minutes until my train left and time was running. We get to the station 5 minutes….I do a tuck and roll out of the car. Have I mentioned I’ve never taken a train before and this station is a lot bigger than the rinky dink SB station. I just start running. Lookin like fool asking every person I pass who looks like they might know what they’re talking about where to go. I figure out what track I need to get to. So, here I go again running through the station. Weaving through people like a jackhole. Jumping over luggage. After feeling like I ran a mile of the wackiest obstacle course, I made it to my track. 1 minute to spare. Get to my seat and off I go. Peaceful, relaxing, quiet. I like this train thing, no armed hold ups, not too many weird people. I just really wanted a wooden train whistle, some overalls, and a conductor hat. I get back to dreary, wet SB. Decide to take a nap before having to go to work. As I’m just lulling off to sleep, work calls. “Hello?” “Hi, is this Lauren?” “Yes.” “Hey this is Joe from Chuck’s. Hey sorry to bother you, but we actually don’t need you to come in tonight, it’s been raining too much.” “Uhhhhhhhh, ok thanks.” ……….F?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!?*&%{$^#@!…………..Well I think I feel better.

So Kiefer you may have cool guns and bombs going off, terrorist trying to get you, and get to talk to the president. But I have some guns on my arms, sometimes drop the F-bomb, I’m taking my complaints to the Disney president, Walt or something, and ummm terrorist. Anyways this 24 hours has gone full circle of crapness. I’m calling that a day…


~ by Lauraige on 06/05/2011.

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