Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

So……Granny moved in this past weekend. I should just leave it at that, but I’ll continue. Anyways, it has been a thought about decision for a while now, but once it was an idea it was a fast pace move to get her up to SB from LA. Bless her little heart, but her mental health has been declining quite quickly lately, or at least a lot more noticeable in the recent months. We thought it was unfit for her to live alone anymore, but financially she couldn’t afford a caregiver or an old folks home. So, here we are. Basically I’ve been telling people I volunteer at a retirement home and they give me free room and board. Nice right? Just make sure everyone gets their meds, especially me….I’m about to go crazy.

A simple conversation with my grandma about how her newly bought $1,300 hearing aid broke, that should have only taken 3 minutes turned into a 15 minute convo. Then she woke me up the next morning at 5am asking me where the sugar was because she was hungry, then 5 minutes later I heard her going into my parents room asking if my mom wanted any coffee. I couldn’t take it so I got up to go to the gym. Now as I’m writing this she’s in my room talking to me about my tv and poking around at my stuff. Oh my gatos….I know I’m supposed to respect elders and all, but this is too much. I thought I was saving up money this summer for a new car, but I guess I could still be saving up for that car, only I’m gonna be living in that car.

She is good for some humor. Besides the ordinary old people quirky behavior humor, she’s still a little spitfire. Last night after I got home from work I was making dinner and she came in casually talking to me. After awhile of chatting she finally said she was going to go make a phone call to a friend and then start her nightly routine of getting ready for bed. I asked what that might be, semi afraid of the answer, which she replied.

“Oh just brush my teeth, put my make-up on, do my exercises.”

“What? why would you put make-up on grandma?”

“Just in case a Peeping Tom decides to break in and violate me I wanna look nice.”

“ummm……… serious??”(is that even appropriate to say?)

“I’m just kidding!!!!”

I guess we now know where I get my crudeness and sarcasm from……


~ by Lauraige on 06/21/2011.

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