Bad Teacher


This looks like a role model to me....

Yesterday I had a date, with myself. Best thing ever. I really don’t like being around people a lot. Doing things hans solo is lovely, I know I don’t have to be such a dependent person. Anyways, to my actual thought that created this post. I went and saw the movie, “Bad Teacher.” It seemed to hit home more than I thought. I’ll give you a little synopsis so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. So this gold digging chick is engaged to this rich guy, but then he dumps her so she goes to teaching so she can afford a boob job. She is probably the worst teacher you’ll ever see. Pegging kids in the face with a ball, showing movies all day, smoking weed in the gym, and coming in hung over. She is also competing with the perfect teacher at school for the heart of the hot and rich substitute teacher. Anyways, she lies, cheats, and steals for the annual bonus to get the last bit of money for her new hooters. I’m not saying these comparisons are exact, but I’m not going to say what parts are true either. I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

So, today while I was at work doing this little kiddie festival I was doing my job by watching the bounce house and making sure the kids were behaving. I was kicking it on the jumper, right on the little ledge, every time the kids jumped they freakin rocked me Amadeus too. It was the only place out of the sun. I was just kicking it there peacefully with my sunglasses on, my american flag pin wheel, and chowing on a burger, when this bratty little kid comes up to me, I thought he wanted a turn in the bounce house, but he bluntly asked me…..

“Are you drunk?”

“Uhhhh….no are you?”


“Well, God Bless America then…..”

I love children.


~ by Lauraige on 07/06/2011.

2 Responses to “Bad Teacher”

  1. Very nice Lauren, Maybe if that Culinary career doesn’t pan out you could go into writing..And Yeah not ALL teachers are bad…Some are Badass like meeeeeee….

    • Thanks sis, just my little way of venting about my bizarre life with everyone. Only good ones are the badass ones. Especially ones who get paid to beat up children….and teach them how to beat people up too.

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