Circle the Drain

Katy sang it perfectly. What loser asks to take a girl out, but then shows up with his friend driving because your too high to function. What a joke. I kind of wished it was, but this was the real deal. Too bad this dude is in love with his drugs too much to care about anything else. I don’t know if you can tell, but I’m just a tad livid. I’m a busy person. Why are you wasting my time, being so messed up you won’t even remember the hour dinner we had with you and your buddy. I showed up looking like the idiot, looking hot thinking it was a real date. Evidently my judgement is wrong. I thought this guy had potential, but I guess people never change. I’ve always like the bad boys who would walk all over me and treat me like dirt, but this is a new low. I at least got a free meal out of this bullshit. 


~ by Lauraige on 09/04/2011.

3 Responses to “Circle the Drain”

  1. I think when I was 17 I was the kid driving the car, but there were no “drugs” involved. Never been the douche with a faux chauffeur. Got a girl with a drug problem though, I can one up you in that I am still with her, lol!

    • Sorry to hear that….kudos to you though for sticking with that, obviously I peaced out.

      • I feel like I am the one in recovery, its like, one day a t a time.. Its amazing that that glow of goodness can come “shine through” some harsh shit, and yet, the harsh shit does not vanish, there it is along with that nice warm reason why I stay. Not sure my brain is strong enough to keep my heart from lettin me be devoured.. What would you sacrifice or put up with for the big L?

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