I Wanna See Your Peacock

I had an amazing summer, busy, but good times. Since I haven’t written anything in a long time I decided to rewind and catch up on the good stuff.

So, I went to the Katy Perry concert almost 2 months ago when she was in town. Being her hometown and all, it was a pretty rad show. I had pit tickets, so you know it was gonna go down. First the craziness started with my extra ticket. That sucker got passed around to 4 different people, until a dear family friend decided to go with me. We got there and met up with some other friends, we were hanging out watching the opening band. Right before Katy was going to come out my friend looked at me and said she wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to the bathroom. I was just asking her if she wanted me to go with her so she didn’t have to fight the crowds alone coming back, when her eyes rolled back and she started falling. Within seconds she was on the ground and woke up and asked if she passed out. I started trying to clear the area and getting security. We got her out of there. No more details, basically one of the more scarier things that I’ve seen. She had low blood pressure. Unfortunately she went to the ER, but she strongly wanted me to stay at the concert, and to come pick her up afterward since there wasn’t much I could do. I felt horrible and guilty. Going back into the pit though to meet back up with my other friends, there was a large, rowdy, drunk group right before my friends and they wouldn’t let me through. I was already an emotional wreck seeing what just happened, and was in no mood for bullshit. They wouldn’t let me by and being so rude, I started throwing it out. Telling them to move or I’d bust a move. Thank gatos my friends heard this almost fight and pulled me in, or I think I would have ended up in the ER myself. Pretty much an epic night. My friend recovered well, I still feel bad for what happened, but now has made for a good story. And we shall look back and laugh, like I always do!!!


~ by Lauraige on 09/22/2011.

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