Iron Chef

So, keeping up with catching up. Only have been back at school for a month now, I swear it’s killing me softly. I’ve just taken on way to much. WAY too much. Doing almost 20 units, and working 30 hrs a week. I can sleep when I’m dead. And funny thing is I don’t need to be drug induced like some people I know to manage…..

Anyways, just being at school everyday working like a dog, and then going to actual work is probably what is going to cause my early death. This isn’t just sit in a seat nicely and listen to a teacher like in Charlie Brown, (well I do have those too, but at 7am, and drinking wine with breakfast instead of OJ just isn’t my forte, yet.) I’m busting my ass here. This time around we get to do all parts of a restaurant, both working up front with guests, and still in the kitchen. I won the prize for fails, when I dropped a whole tray of drinks on one of my guests. At least I went out of the front of the house with a bang. I just wrapped up the dish washing stations. I have a new found respect. Talk about a living hell. Even with all these complaints, I still love it, and don’t know what I would be doing if I wasn’t working like a dog. I have some happier stories to, like when I was in the bakeshop, and we were making dill bread. When we asked our chef, (who is from Thailand, and has a very heavy asian accent.) “Hey, Chef Mayuree. What’s this?” “Oh Girl.” (she says that to everyone, even the boys sometimes) ” THAT’S DILL DOUGH!” Good times, good times.

First wedding cake, not too shabby

So, on top of my crazy schedule I decided to do something that I would enjoy, and could be my new hobby. I started taking bass lessons. This all started when I did one of my impulsive purchases a couple years ago and bought myself a bass. It’s just been collecting dust, so I asked a coworker to give me lessons. I’m becoming pretty awesome at it, the next Duff McKagan. That’s pretty much it, caught you up in one hot second.


~ by Lauraige on 09/22/2011.

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